The All In One Loan™

No other mortgage product does more to lower costs and maximize the benefits of homeownership

What Is It?

It is a 30-year HELOC with an integrated sweep-checking account. In other words, it combines your home financing and personal banking needs into one dynamic tool.

How It Works

The Smarter Way to Borrow®

If you’re like most Americans, you probably earn more in just 5 years than you owe on your mortgage. But cash is a depreciating asset, and despite low interest rates, mortgages cost copious amounts of interest, not to mention, delay progress with building home equity. The All In One Loan is a solution to both obstacles because it combines the two into one fluid financial instrument.

As the nation’s only 30-year draw home equity line of credit (HELOC) with an integrated sweep checking account, it puts your income to work to lower daily mortgage principal and monthly interest costs.

Calculate Your Potential Savings

The Interactive Comparison Simulator calculates potential All In One Loan savings benefits compared to a traditional forward-amortized closed-ended mortgage. Enter details about the loan you currently have or are considering getting, as well as your regular deposit and spending activity to see if this is right for you. Please consult your All In One Loan Certified Mortgage professional or contact us directly with any questions.

All In One loan – Alternative to Traditional Financing

All In One Loan- Client Testimonial

All In One Loan- Customer Testimonial

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Why the All In One Loan? Why Now?

It’s Just Math, Not Magic